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It’s not always just a mental switch; sometimes it takes a bit longer for understanding to transform your heart. this piece is about the patience and hard work (like a bird building a nest out of many small pieces, or a caterpillar turning to goop in a chrysalis) required to change yourself at the core.



do you know that space in between when you understand something in your mind,
but it has yet to manifest itself as a permanent resident in your soul?


more and more I’ve realized that life is about building a place for head wisdom
to be reborn as heart transformation.

In the beginning, a warm nest is knit strand by strand.

then wisdom, at its highest fragility, is incubated like a seed under warm soil.

over time you begin to hear the soft knocking of a tiny beak, louder and stronger.


finally, heart level wisdom emerges as a fully formed creature.
it may fly from you, and impact or transform another.




Fig. 1. Leopard moth (Hypercompe scribonia) caterpillar

Fig. 2. Hypercompe scribonia pupal stage

Fig. 3. Hypercompe scribonia adult stage


a. a bird's nest heart.

b. a Eurasian Jay hat.

c. winged magnolias; the flower of resilience.



graphite on Stonehenge toned paper
11 x 11”



This is a giclée print of an original graphite drawing on archival, acid-free 100% cotton rag paper (250 gsm)

10 x 10" image with .5" border (11 x 11" paper size)

signed and numbered out of 50.

Mentalmorphosis - Limited Giclée Print 11 x 11"

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