Brooke Leland

Graduated with a BFA from University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2020 with an emphasis on printmaking. After graduating, she was given the opportunity to commission multiple pieces, as well as act in the feature-length, independent film Trace the Line. 

Recently, she is working part-time painting flowers into espresso with milk while continuing to create new paintings and drawings. You can find her artwork at Crescendo Espresso Bar and Crescendo Espresso Bar + Music Cafe in Madison, WI.

Why Artéyrie?

art + artery + eyrie

Artéyrie brings together the concepts of the heart, arteries and veins which pump blood through our body, and the aerial perspective of a nest (or eyrie) hidden high in the tree tops.

In my artwork, I investigate connections between us and our loved ones, the earth, and ourselves. As an observer of the themes, symbols, storylines, and societal problems repeated over time, I bring light to the realties, both good and bad, hidden beneath the surface.

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