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Artist Statement

Brooke's paintings, drawings, and prints use natural forms to describe environmental, emotional, social and spiritual issues. She creates artwork born from the love of the natural world, paying special attention to the way organisms interact and impact each other.


The process of decay, and its divine romance with rebirth is an underlying theme. Her artwork brings to the forefront the idea that we inhabit perpetually decaying bodies, while investigating the connection between nature’s lifecycles and those of our own. She references historical, botanical, entomological, and anatomical scientific illustration to make these delicate connections. 


Compositions range from faux-scientific illustration, to found plant and animal remains, to figures adorned with the naturalistic symbols of their host’s spiritual states.


Questions regarding the environments we inhabit, interpersonal relationships we keep, and our physical and mental health are imbued in ethereal figures clothed in biological metaphor, bringing light to the ecosystems of humanity's inner worlds. 


Fading flowers, moth-eaten garments, and birds-nest hearts are the symbolic adornments from our physical world to describe invisible, but real worlds within. They show the beauty that transcends the sometimes present grotesque, and eludes to a deeper, truer beauty within.

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